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Filtering source list

The Source List Filters panel will allow you to narrow down the Source List.

  1. Locate the Source List Filters panel.

    source list filters panel
  2. Select values from any of the dropdowns, or search by Keyword.

  3. Press the Reset Filters button to reset filters and restore the Source List with its default values.

Selecting multiple sources

The CS Calculator supports combined calculations on multiple sources. Select the desired multiple sources from the Source List. In the Calculations pane, enter the illuminance values for each source and your results will appear in Metrics and Charts.

multiple selected sources

For information on how to select a source, see Getting started.

View source info

There are two ways to view source info

  1. Selecting a source from the sources in the Source List

    select a source
  2. Clicking the Toggle Source Info icon next to a source in the Selected Sources panel.

    toggle source info

When the source info panel is opened, you can click the Description label to toggle the full description.

toggle description

Calculate via CS

When only one source is selected, the option to Calculate via CS becomes available in the Selected Sources panel.


This feature allows for a kind of reverse calculation where you can via a target CS. Simply Enter a value between 0.0 and 0.7 and press Enter to perform the calculation.

Remove source from selected sources

To remove a source from Selected Sources, click the Remove Source icon.

remove source from source lists

Toggle relative vs. absolute SPD

In the Combined Source SPDs panel, you can toggle between viewing the Relative or Absolute combined SPD by clicking the buttons at the top of the panel.

toggle between combined source spds

Toggle SPD vs. chromaticity vs. color rendering charts

In the Charts panel, you can toggle between viewing the SPD, Chromaticity, or Color Rendering charts by clicking the buttons at the top of the panel.

toggle between charts

For information on the more advanced features of the CS Calculator 2.0, see Advanced usage.

For information on the inner workings of the CS Calculator, see Inner workings.


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