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Getting started

Get up and running with the CS Calculator 2.0. Learn how to add sources, input illuminance, and read calculation data.


To get started using the CS Calculator 2.0, head over to

A calculation can be performed with the CS Calculator 2.0 in 3 easy steps.

  1. Select Sources
  2. Edit Variables
  3. View Results

Selecting sources

The first step to perform a calculation is to select one or more sources from the Source List panel.

  1. Locate the Source List panel.

    source list
  2. Click on a source to open a modal with more information about that source.

    source list
  3. Click the Add Source button to add the source to the Selected Sources panel.

    source list

For information on how to filter the Source List panel, see General usage.

For information on how to add custom sources, download custom sources as JSON, and upload custom sources from JSON, see Advanced usage.

Editing input variables

After adding the source(s), you must specify the illuminance(s), and adjust Input Variables.

  1. Navigate to the Calculations tab by clicking the tab at the top of the calculator.

    calculations tab
  2. Locate the Illuminance input field in the Selected Sources panel.

    illuminance input
  3. Enter in an Illuminance value into the input field and press Enter.

    illuminance input filled in with 200 lx
  4. Adjust input variables in the Input Variables panel.

    input vaariables panel

For information on how to view source information and remove sources, see General usage.

For background information about the pre-loaded sources and input variables, see Inner workings.

Viewing results

Once the source(s) and illuminance(s) are specified, the calculation results should appear in the Metrics, Combined Source SPDs, and Charts panels.

metrics panel
combined source spds panel
charts panel

For information on how to download metrics as text, download combined source SPDs as text, or to download entire calculations as JSON, see Advanced usage.

For background information on output metrics, combined source SPDs or charts, see Inner workings.


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